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At Oakridge we are qualified to help you achieve a first-class property. With our professional commercial services, we specialize in landscape applications for industrial, commercial, and institutional projects.

Our professional construction team consists of trades people that have the expertise for building and installing all types of commercial landscape projects year-round.

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Union affiliations

Oakridge Landscape Contractors are proud members and supporters of our local unions.

  • Local 837 – Hamilton International Labourers Union
  • Local 183 – Toronto International Labourers Union
  • Local 793 – International Operating Engineers
  • Local 1059 – London International Labourers Union of North America
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We work on a wide range of commercial and infrastructure landscape projects including:

  • Wetland and Storm Detention Ponds
  • Storm Water Detention Ponds
  • Environmental Naturalization
  • Streetscapes
  • Infrastructure Restoration
  • Highway Plantings
  • Commercial Shopping Centres
  • Architectural Concrete
  • Engineered Retaining Walls Infrastructure
  • And More!

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Hi friends,

You would not believe how excited the kids are about the new Adelaide Hoodless playground installation.  Although they are grumbling because they are having indoor recess, they are so excited and enthused about what is coming.

This morning on the playground the kids were all running up to me and saying “This is better than Gage Park and Turner Park.  This is better than all of the parks.” It is looking truly amazing and will hopefully be done by the end of the day.

You have all made many hearts very, very, very happy (including mine).

Nanci-Jane Simpson, Principal - Adelaide Hoodless School

As a resident of the Birge Park neighbourhood – Thank you for the new play equipment at Birge Park!

I went with my 5 year old son this past Saturday at the same time as several local kids from our neighbourhood and the Keith and not only did all 15 of them go “Wow!” “It’s awesome” “Holy Cow” but all 12 of them (aged 3- 15) played collaboratively on the spinning cone for over an hour!  The kids were so excited exploring the space and really love the new playground. They’ve been back every day so far. My own son got a look at the rope section and screamed “This is so cool!”

I love how the play space has been expanded and there’s a safe section for the little guys, along with the new terraced blocks – allowing parents a nice place to sit and creating a softer edge. So much more welcoming even without planting or final touches – thank you!

Thank you again!